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Making Active Directory Management effective, simple and secure

By Neil Burton

14 November 2019

If your organisation is large or complex then Active Directory will be playing a major role in your critical processes. So Active Directory Management is becoming increasingly important, but, as you know, increasingly challenging too, potentially taking up increasing amounts of your IT team’s valuable time...

Faster, more efficient onboarding with Active Directory Provisioning.

By Neil Burton

13 November 2019

Ask your IT team to name a list of tasks that regularly interrupt their more important, strategic work and there’s a good chance that ‘onboarding’ will appear on their list. The good news is it’s a task that Armstrong IT and our partner Adaxes can easily take off their hands...

Active Directory Role-Based Security made easy

By Neil Burton

12 November 2019

Active Directory Management allows you to distribute and delegate the administrative responsibilities that tie up your IT department among multiple users including Help Desk operators or department managers. But over the last 20 years of working with large organisations we’ve found that the native means for Active Directory delegation introduce a number of challenges, are often ineffective and even pose security risks....

Save time and increase productivity. With Active Directory Password Self-Service

By Neil Burton

11 November 2019

Forgotten passwords and locked accounts can waste a considerable amount of your IT team’s valuable time and create workload bottlenecks. Not to mention the time and money wasted as a result of user downtime. In fact, according to eweek magazine, it’s estimated that resetting passwords costs US organisations over $420 in lost productivity, per employer each year...


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