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17 October 2019

WhatsUp Gold 2019.2 released

By Jenny Sheppard

Ipswitch continues to innovate as part of the Progress family and we are proud to release an updated version of WhatsUp Gold as of October 17, 2019. WhatsUp Gold 2019.2 is a free upgrade from the Ipswitch Community for all customers with an active service agreement and includes:

  • New REST APIs – The WhatsUp Gold REST API feature has been improved by the addition of new REST calls for Credential as well as more Device, Role, and Monitor APIs among others. Full details can be found in the WhatsUp Gold REST API Guide.
  • Network Traffic Analysis Improvements – A new feature lets users display their NTA devices and flows geographically on a world map while also allowing for more detailed name resolution. NTA will now use data received from wireless access points to improve name resolution whenever possible. This makes traffic analysis easier and more effective.
  • Cloud Application Performance Monitoring –WhatsUp Gold now has the ability to monitor AWS and Azure from within APM, integrating Cloud Monitoring with all the powerful features that APM enables. This makes it easier than ever before to monitor cloud-based applications in AWS or Azure environments.
  • Device Active States Report Enhancements – The Device Active Monitor States report has been improved to allow better filtering via monitor types, monitor states (up/down/unknown/maintenance) and all dates. In addition, the remote active states report will now report on states across multiple remote environments.

Specific details on all improvements in this version can be found in the WhatsUp Gold release notes. If you have any questions about this release or how to install WhatsUp Gold 2019.2, please contact your Ipswitch Sales Manager and we will be happy to help.

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