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19 March 2019

MOVEit 2019 released

By Jenny Sheppard

MOVEit Mulesoft Connector

New! Supports the integration of managed file transfer capabilities with any application supported by Mulesoft’s iPaaS solution. Learn more

Dynamic Links in MOVEit Transfer Live View

New! Dynamic links in the Live View UI now enable one-click access to detailed file transfer information making it easier than ever to see the specifics of transfer jobs, their status, the initiating users and more. Users will get better visibility into what’s happening and can get immediate access to the information they need with a click. See a Demo

Granular Secure Folder Sharing Permissions

New! Secure Folder Sharing administrators can now limit the folder sharing rights that a sharer can grant. This lets users tailor the viewing, uploading, downloading and modification rights of each folder according to the needs of the sharee granted access. Learn More or See a Demo

Improved MOVEit Client Usability

New! Multiple usability enhancements have been made to the MOVEit Client including the ability to upload entire folders and subfolders, multi-select files and folders for download or deletion, inline renaming, and the ability to view folder sharing permissions. This makes the MOVEit Client more like typical file management tools and gives users more control over the files they’re managing. See a Demo

Secure Password Reset

New! Both administrators and non-administrator users can now reset their passwords by answering pre-specified security questions. This optional feature results in time savings for administrators and faster access. See a Demo

Improved Microsoft Azure Support

New! MOVEit 2019 now natively supports native Azure Blob for storage requirements. This makes it easier for users to implement in the Microsoft Azure environment and provides effectively unlimited storage scalability. MOVEit Automation also now supports the Azure SQL Database and is itself available in Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace, all of which makes it easier for users to quickly deploy in the Azure cloud.

Simple Task & System Log Access

New! Debug tasks more easily by downloading and viewing the most recent 5 task logs and view the system log from the Web Admin interface for easier analysis, troubleshooting and debugging. See a Task Log or a System Log Demo

MOVEit Automation Dashboard

Administrators can now display a dashboard showing recent activities and critical system metrics in order to easily view actionable data and keep their automated tasks running smoothly.

Sign On Acceptance

To ensure compliance administrators can now require all users to agree with a customizable policy when signing on. This agreement is indicated via a checkbox and all user agreements to all policies are maintained in an auditable log.

Inbound REST APIs for MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Automation.

Now users can create custom integrations between external applications and services and MOVEit. Our new REST API enables the initiation of administrative tasks, file movements or tasks within MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Automation.

Outbound PowerShell Support for MOVEit Automation

MOVEit Automation users can now make outbound calls, using PowerShell, to external RESTful web services. The returned data can be used in Task workflows. This allows an almost unlimited amount of customization for specific tasks with very little coding.

Support for Amazon S3

MOVEit Automation can now access Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) buckets as native hosts. This allows the use of cloud storage as either the source or destination for transfers and authenticated via AWS keys. Users can copy files to or from any S3 bucket that is connected to their AWS account.

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