6 June 2019

Ipswitch Updated Version of MOVEit Cloud Released called MOVEit Cloud Dedicated

By Jenny Sheppard

Ipswitch has released an updated version of MOVEit Cloud as of June 6th, 2019 called MOVEit Cloud Dedicated. This version provides MOVEit in a hosted environment with computing resources dedicated to each customer, and supports both MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Automation. Key advantages over MOVEit Cloud include:
  • Maximum performance – all hardware and software resources are dedicated to each subscriber to ensure complete availability of maximum speed and capacity.
  • MOVEit Automation support – MOVEit Automation is only available as a SaaS solution via MOVEit Cloud Dedicated.
  • File-by-file AV or DLP – users can manage their own Anti-Virus or Data Loss Prevention tools to monitor the files that are being transferred. Because of the shared environment this feature is not available on MOVEit Cloud.
Note that MOVEit Cloud Dedicated also provides all the advantages of MOVEit Cloud including flexible subscription pricing, provided management, maintenance and upgrades and active-active disaster recovery (DR).