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30 July 2019

WhatsUp Gold 2019.1 released

By Jenny Sheppard

Ipswitch, now as part of the Progress family, continues to innovate and deliver on the roadmap to make our products, and our customers bigger, better, and stronger, together. Progress and Ipswitch are proud to release an updated version of WhatsUp Gold as of July 30, 2019. WhatsUp Gold 2019.1 is a free upgrade from the Ipswitch Community for all customers with an active service agreement and includes:
  • Mapping & Discovery Improvements – Performance and scalability improvements make mapping more responsive and simplifies updating custom maps. Discovery now allows for global exclusion lists and can scan massive IP address ranges to support very large networks.
  • Nested vCenter Support – Customers can now distinguish between nested and non-nested vCenters when monitoring their virtual network devices.
  • Public API Support – A new WhatsUp Gold API includes an extensive suite of API calls that are available to all users via a dedicated Swagger page. This will allow customers to easily integrate WhatsUp Gold data with other systems or their own scripts in order to create a number of automation use cases. Live documentation including sample scripts and a ‘test it now’ capability is now available on the Swagger page.
Specific details on all improvements in this version can be found in the WhatsUp Gold release notes. If you have any questions about this release or how it will impact your customers, please contact your Ipswitch Sales Manager and we will be happy to help.
With Ipswitch and Progress working together, the future of WhatsUp Gold is bright. We are working harder than ever to help our customers continuously monitor and manage their IT infrastructure and applications, assuring high level of performance and availability. And you can rest assured that we will continue to honor existing SLAs as well as our current licensing and pricing models

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