Free your IT team to focus on the tasks that really count!

Active Directory now plays a major role in your organisation’s critical processes. But as Active Directory Management becomes increasingly important, it’s eating up unworkable amounts of your IT team’s time.

See how Armstrong and Adaxes solves this challenge by making Active Directory Management simpler, more secure and effective.


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What can Adaxes do?

Active Directory Management

Rules based platform for Active Directory, Exchange and Office 365

Automated Provisioning

Automate the whole IT user lifecycle including provision, change and deprovision

Role-Based Delegation

Ensure least privilege, delegate, manage and revoke easily

Active Directory Web Interface

Allows admin, help desk and other staff to execute AD admin tasks.

Approval-Based Workflow

Add approval steps to practically any AD operation

Self-Password Reset

Allow users to reset forgotten passwords and unlock accounts onsite and off

Exchange Automation

Automate the creation and management of Exchange and O365 mailboxes

Office 365 Automation

Automate the process of assigning or revoking O365 licences

Active Directory Reporting

Detail reports on your Active Directory environment

Expand your horizons

Go beyond the core functionality of Adaxes with powershell scripting

How can Adaxes benefit your business?

It reduce workloads

Automated everyday tasks, user lifecycle management, streamlined provisioning, self-service portal, web interface — all can massively reduce the workload on your IT staff.

It increases security

Active Directory security is significantly increased due to the approval-based workflow, role-based security administration model and automated user provisioning and deprovisioning.

It provides auditing and monitoring

Comprehensive tracking and reporting enables advanced analysis and monitoring of the enterprise resources making your Active Directory environment a more regulated and elabourated place.

It standardises your AD environment

Adaxes allows you to enforce corporate standards on your Active Directory data, minimising possible human factor mistakes and making the management process cleaner and easier.

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