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Desktop Authority Management Suite

Centralised, secure desktop management software for Windows environments.

Proactively provision and manage Windows systems, secure endpoint devices (including USB ports) and run your applications in a least-privileged environment ensuring your data is protected.  Centrally manage firewall settings, power consumption, and easily target and customise user configurations without logon scripts.  

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Balance security with user productivity

Keep sensitive data within your organization and prevent vulnerabilities from being introduced by end users, without limiting capabilities or causing productivity issues for users.

User, device and admin control

Gather all privilege usage information into a central database and run domain-level analysis to easily determine if privilege policies need to be modified to meet compliance requirements.

Secure endpoints

Control both device usage (like external drives, printers, cameras and mobile devices), as well as port access (such as serial, infrared, USB and more), according to each user's unique authentication and access levels.

Support mobile users

Remotely manage issues behind the scenes using more than 30 different management tasks without disrupting user productivity.

Maintain privileges regardless of location

Keep your mobile users working, and your network secure.  Validation Logic’s advanced targeting features ensure the correct elevation settings always apply when a user travels between offices.

Manage configurations across multiple environments

Gain precise configuration control across every delivery infrastructure — physical, virtual or published — all from a single solution.

Control internet browser behaviors

Bring virtually every aspect of Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox under your direct control with Desktop Authority’s Internet Browser management object.

Inactivity monitoring and power management

Centrally manage, configure and report on power management settings with granular control over all aspects of Windows power options, while securing inactive desktops.

Secure installation of trusted apps

Allow users to simultaneously install the latest version of Adobe Reader or apply the latest Java update themselves with Privilege Manager.  Simultaneously maintain endpoint security by preventing installation of viruses and unwanted apps.

Remote control of user desktops

Enable remote control or remote viewing of the desktop (that needs attention) for issues that require a support professional to interact with the user.

Reduced, simplified Group Policy management

Precisely target the deployment of 2,400-plus available Group Policies.  Desktop Authority parses ADM/ADMX templates and allows deployment of Windows configuration settings using more than 40 criteria.


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