GFI OneGuard

GFI OneGuard is a powerful network security and resource management tools that deliver centralised control.  It contains a growing portfolio of modules, currently including Antivirus, Asset Tracking and Patch Management.



System security through protection and awareness is at the core of GFI OneGuard. That’s why we integrate Kaspersky Lab antivirus at the centre of our solution

Patch management

The patch management element of GFI OneGuard allows you to scan the network for all connected devices, check what software is installed, detect any missing patches, broadcast updates when and where you see fit.

Asset tracking

GFI OneGuard makes it easy to identify and track every connected device on your networks anywhere in the world.

EndPoint Control

Assess and control sensitive information that travels across endpoints by scanning all files for information susceptible to a security breaches.


Reporting is the one way you can make sense of masses of data. Whether you need to analyse resources, report on hardware or software, prepare a business case for upgrades or a multitude of other reasons, the reporting engine in GFI OneGuard can provide it.


Lack of communication/alerting on system events, outages or downtime will be a thing of the past with GFI OneGuard’s messaging tool.

Licensing model

One of the major advantages of using GFI OneGuard vs. traditional point solutions is that as an administrator, you also gain from much simplified licensing procedure.

Remote Shutdown/Reboot

Administrators have the ability to remotely force shutdown a machine, and GFI OneGuard takes care of alerting the users and giving them notice as well as a countdown when the action will be taken.

Can be installed… anywhere!

GFI OneGuard is not an on-premise only, or a cloud-only platform – it can be deployed any way you like it. It can live wherever you want it, in any way your infrastructure demands. No other solution in the market is as flexible as this.

Infinite possibilities

These core services are just the start of what GFI OneGuard platform will ultimately become. Other services on the product roadmap include device control, server and services monitoring, web filtering and event log management.The platform and all of its services will constantly evolve with new tools and services to help you manage your business networks efficiently and with minimal effort.

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