LepideAuditor is a simple, cost effective and scalable solution to audit and monitor changes that take place across your critical systems, both on-premise and in the cloud.  It provides the easiest yet most comprehensive means of answering critical questions pertaining to ‘who, what, where and when’ changes are made.  


Discover, Classify and Tag Sensitive Data

Ensure you know where your most sensitive data resides in your file server and the level of risk it poses to your organization. Analyze why the data is sensitive and classify it accordingly.

Monitor Permissions and Access Levels

Ensure that the only employees able to access your most sensitive data are those that have a legitimate business requirement to do so. Anything more than that puts you at risk.

Track User Interaction and Identify Anomalies

Audit, monitor and alert on how your users and entities are interacting with your critical data (copying/moving/modifying) and spot trends so that you can quickly react to potential threats.

Monitor Environment States & Changes

Monitor and report on all manner of environment states and changes, including system changes, stale users, group policy status, password policies, open shares and much more.

Better Access Governance Insights with an Intuitive Dashboard

Get a bird’s eye view of your whole environment with a summary of the total number of changes made to each platform, per administrator, by source and even by trend.

Granular Reports and Real Time Alerts for Better Data Security

Over 300 pre-set reports help with a whole range of security and compliance challenges. Easily identify answers to the 'who, what, where and when’ auditing questions.

Maintain a Policy of Least Privilege with In-Depth Permissions Analysis

See the effective permissions currently applied on audited folders, subfolders and files to determine whether you have users with excessive permissions.

New Cutting-Edge Auditing Features Being Introduced All the Time

The LepideAuditor mobile app provides a really simple means of keeping track of changes being made to your IT environment via a LiveFeed straight to the app.

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