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NetWrix Auditor
for Nutanix

Establish comprehensive Nutanix Files (formerly known as Nutanix AFS) auditing with complete visibility into changes and data access across Nutanix file servers.  Simply integrate Nutanix Files with Netwrix Auditor via the RESTful API with this free add-on

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Gain complete visibility into every change

Quickly identify actions that might threaten business-critical data by staying abreast of all changes made to files, folders, shares and permissions with the critical who, what, when and where details.

Keep data access under full control

Ensure that no unauthorized or suspicious access to sensitive information goes unnoticed by continuously monitoring read access to sensitive files and folders across your entire Nutanix file storage.

Securely store audit trail for later review

Retain a complete audit trail for more than 10 years in the cost-efficient two-tiered storage.  Ensure quick and easy access to it the next time you need to investigate a security incident or pass an audit check.

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