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Quickly pinpoints user performance problems.

PerformanceGuard works differently to traditional network monitoring software by focusing on end user performance monitoring with the result of seeing exactly which systems are causing your end users issues.

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Network Latency

PerformanceGuard lets you get continuous measurements of latency between end-user computers and core components in your infrastructure.  Knowing the network latency is key to successful troubleshooting.

Business Transaction Monitoring

Business Transaction Monitoring is layered on top of Perfor - manceGuard – a standard, off-the-shelf solution that provides the ability to monitor enduser quality of service by delivering consistent, accurate measurement of application performance from the end-user perspective in real time.


AutoSteps provides synthetic measurements by acting as an end user accessing business-critical systems and performing typical end user tasks.

Capacity Planning

PerformanceGuard provides information about the number of users who access an application, how much data that travels over the network, and which processes are involved.  Get an overview of computers that need upgrades, and identify computers that don’t need upgrades – even if they have actually reached the end of their scheduled life cycles.


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