Focusing on end user performance monitoring to see where end users have issues.


PerformanceGuard works differently to traditional network monitoring software by focusing on end user performance monitoring with the result of seeing exactly which systems are causing your end users issues.

With data from PerformanceGuard, IT gets a powerful tool to run

Problem Management

Be proactive by seeing the problem before the users do.  By collecting performance data from Application and Services, compare the data with the average performance index, you will see the problem before they occur

Change Management

Insight into the user experience and the network performance before, during and after a change has been made

IT Management

SLA reporting by application, location or event category as well as upgrade planning of hardware and resources

IT Operation

Performance status on critical applications (both in the cloud and on-premises) based on user activity in real time

Capacity and Performance Management

Give insights by collecting performance data to help plan the process of determining the network resources required to prevent a performance or availability impact on business-critical applications

Service Desk

Data drawn directly to the end user’s computer for quick troubleshooting.  Integration with ServiceNow

Network Management

Network latency and availability per subnet (based on ping or trace route)

Digital Experience Analytics

Optimisation of employee satisfaction and efficiency

Office 365

Office 365 is a business-critical service in the Cloud, with a quality that often defies proper observation or measurement.  The PerformanceGuard – Office 365 service now offers the option to analyse performance.


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