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Enterprise-wide remote installations, updates and executions. RemoteExec remotely installs applications, executes programs/scripts and updates files and folders on Windows systems throughout the network.

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MSI packages deployment

RemoteExec quickly and easily deploys applications packaged in .msi format to hundreds or (tens of) thousands of Windows systems. You simply need to specify the .msi path and the action to take (install/uninstall/repair/update), select the target computers, and launch the deployment in a click

Service Packs, patches and updates deployment

With RemoteExec, you can deploy Service Packs, updates, patches and hotfixes to all required Windows systems in minutes.

Registry modification

RemoteExec allows remote modification of the registry on all Windows systems throughout the network, or of a specific subset of computers. You just have to indicate the path to the .reg, select the target systems and launch with a click.

Password and local account management

RemoteExec allows remotely changing the Local Administrator Password and disabling all other local accounts in order to reinforce security.


RemoteExec comes with an integrated scheduler allowing action execution at a specific time and/or frequency. You will be able to plan deployment to workstations outside of working hours, or to automatically rerun previously failed actions due to system unavailability (unconnected laptops, etc.).

User alerts

RemoteExec can send instant alerts to users by displaying pop-ups and/or running sound files, enabling administrators to warn of any upcoming downtime or maintenance event.


Once an execution is finished, RemoteExec automatically generates a list of systems on which the execution failed (if any).  That list can be directly reinserted to rerun the execution and complete the task. RemoteExec also collects and displays the return codes generated by the remote processes, allowing the administrator to check system status. RemoteExec logs execution history and results into an Access or SQL Server database and generates graphical, printable reports.


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