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Thor Premium Enterprise

Discover the multi-layered security suite that offers threat prevention, antivirus with market leading detection rate and compliance, all in one package.

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Discover the award-winning suite, uniquely adapted to combat next-gen threats

Deploy unique HIPS/HIDS and obtain unparalleled IOC and IOA intelligence for threat-hunting

Thor Premium Enterprise is uniquely adapted to secure your environment and add valuable threat-hunting tools.  The modular nature of Thor Premium Enterprise allows you to add the essential security layers to prevent data breaches and get on-the-fly, actionable insights to add cyber resilience your environment.

Embedded in Thor Premium Enterprise are Darklayer GUARD™, the unique threat communication filtering, and VectorN Detection™, the key advancement powered by machine learning for adaptive protection against 2nd generation malware.

This unique threat-hunting and prevention suite can layer on top of any existing reactive solution like Antivirus used by your organisation.

The next-gen, modular and cost-effective solution for endpoint security

Working in tandem, Darklayer GUARD™ and VectorN Detection™ will offer code-autonomous protection against malware and detection along multiple attack vectors, providing a proactive approach to security that reactive, signature-based tools simply cannot achieve.

In today's threat landscape, tracking device-to-infrastructure communication and unknown malware detection is essential.

Layering these next-gen tools with X-Ploit Resilience, an automatic patch deployment tool which closes commonly used vulnerabilities, will ensure that your organisation is secured against multiple attack vectors.

By deploying security-critical 3rd-party software and updates on all your servers and endpoints using X-Ploit Resilience, your organisation both eliminates the gaps which can be targeted by ransomware and other malware attacks and saves valuable man-hours.

Infinity Management for custom global software deployments

A standalone solution or an add-on module to the powerful Thor Premium Enterprise Suite, Infinity Management will offer Administrators within any organisation the ability to safely and seamlessly deploy custom, in-house software and patches that are not available in the base X-Ploit Resilience module.

Remove the platform constraints in your organisation and manage, schedule or delay the deployment of your applications in a truly secure manner, featuring encryption at every layer.

With Infinity Management added on top, your organisation will finally benefit not just from truly proactive and reactive security, but also from a unique and agile 3rd party-software deployment tool that will bring down both costs and the cyber risks associated with outdated software.

Proactive and reactive approach to endpoint security, in a single interface

Included in Thor Premium Enterprise is a next-gen Antivirus with impeccable detection, which provides the strongest security foundation for your organisation.

The ever-adapting and ever-evolving Thor Vigilance Antivirus features real-time signature-based file scanning powered by machine learning, scheduled and on-demand scans, cloud-scanning and sandbox inspection to detect and block evolving threats, alongside heuristic and behavior-based scanning to detect code changes and trigger alerts for potentially malicious activity.

When added as a base to the proactive Darklayer GUARD™ and VectorN Detection™ modules, Thor Vigilance Enterprise will strengthen your organisation’s defences against ransomware, malware, APTs and other threats that can potentially result in costly data losses or breaches.  This multi-layered approach will also function as a powerful proof of compliance with regulatory bodies worldwide.

Product Comparison

Thor Foresight

Thor Vigilance

Thor Premium

Regular Antivirus

Regular Firewall

Advanced Ransomware Viruses, Spyware and APTs    
Traffic-based Malware Blocking (HIPS)    
Exploit & Dropper Blocking (HIPS)    
Attack Forensics & Source Identifier (IOAs, IOCs)    
Threat Hunting (EDR)    
Multi-layered, AI Powered Protection    
Patch Management    
Blocks Data Leakage    
Traffic-based Malware Detection (HIDS, IOAs, IOCs)      
Browser-based Protection      
Phishing Protection      
Firewall integration        
Next-gen Antivirus        
* Local Signature / File-based Scanning        
* Real-time Cloud Scanning      
* Sandbox and Backdoor Inspection      
* Process / Behavior-based Scanning        
Lightweight Installation and Smooth Performance      
Very Easy to Use      
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