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WhatsUp Gold
for Application Monitoring

Enables you to continuously monitor Microsoft, Oracle, Linux and Java based applications and services to assure optimal service levels to your users.   Includes pre-defined monitors ranging from SharePoint and Exchange through IIS and SQL.

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Easily Monitor Business-Critical Applications

Application Performance Monitoring is available as an add-on to the Premium, MSP and Distributed editions and included in WhatsUp Gold’s Total Plus edition. Here's how the Application Performance Monitoring module can help:

Application Monitoring

WhatsUp Gold provides you with an array of monitoring profiles for popular apps.  Leverage these out-of-the-box, best-practice profiles, customize them or create your own to get real-time monitoring for all your mission-critical applications.

Meaningful Alerts

You get fine control over which conditions generate alerts.  You can set separate warning and down states, define critical and non-critical application components and even define component or application-level dependencies.

Reports & Dashboards

Get quick visibility to the health of all applications with the Current Status Dashboard.  Analyze application performance problems over time or diagnose chronic problems with our Component Summary Dashboard.

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WhatsUp Gold Professional Services

Armstrong is one of only a few UK based Ipswitch partners capable of delivering WhatsUp Gold Professional Services.   We are technically accredited by Ipswitch and have 10+ years of technical expertise with this product.


WhatsUp Gold Training

Choose the official 2-day WhatsUp Gold course or a bespoke option.   Take a comprehensive look at the basics of getting up to speed understanding and configuring WhatsUp Gold for your business and getting the best value from the tool.  

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