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Meet security and compliance guidelines with unlimited, encrypted, stored versions of configuration files and templates.  Compare configurations across devices to ensure that production and DR networks are in synch.  Get alerts on and account for every change made to your network.

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Automated Configuration and Change Management

Configuration Management is available as an add-on to the Premium, MSP and Distributed editions and included in WhatsUp® Gold’s Total Plus edition. Here's how Configuration Management can help:

Network Configuration Backup

Avoid the negative effects of accidental or malicious network device configuration changes.  WhatsUp Gold lets you implement best practice controls by automating backups of both running and 'gold standard' network configurations.

Configuration Change Alerts

Setup network devices to send an SNMP trap to WhatsUp Gold and trigger a notification whenever a configuration changes.  Set up an action policy in our alert center to automatically initiate a backup, add/remove users or update firmware

Policy Compliance Audits

Audit device configurations against a set of predefined policies to assure compliance with requirements such as 'password encryption is enabled'.  Compare before and after configuration changes and get a text-based comparison highlighting differences.

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WhatsUp Gold Professional Services

Armstrong is one of only a few UK based Ipswitch partners capable of delivering WhatsUp Gold Professional Services.   We are technically accredited by Ipswitch and have 10+ years of technical expertise with this product.


WhatsUp Gold Training

Choose the official 2-day WhatsUp Gold course or a bespoke option.   Take a comprehensive look at the basics of getting up to speed understanding and configuring WhatsUp Gold for your business and getting the best value from the tool.  

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