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Scale network management to gain visibility to geographically remote networks.  The distributed network monitoring feature extends the capabilities of WhatsUp Gold to multiple remote networks, allowing a central installation server and one or more remote installations.

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Visibility to Remote Networks

The Distributed monitoring feature extends the capabilities of WhatsUp Gold to multiple remote networks, allowing a central installation and one or more remote installations.  A single instance of WhatsUp Gold is determined to be either the central site or a remote site in a distributed environment based solely on the license used during installation.  The central site installation coordinates data feeds from remote site installations and the network data collected from remote sites can be viewed in WhatsUp Gold reports on the central site.  Together, the central and remote installations provide high visibility to multiple networks from one location. Note that each central or remote server will require separate WhatsUp Gold license.  Please contact us for details. At installation, each server must be configured as either Central or Remote (although this can be changed any time) thus creating a distributed network.  Note that while WhatsUp Gold provides a common platform for monitoring this distributed network, the Central and Remote servers need not be running the same edition.

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Armstrong is one of only a few UK based Ipswitch partners capable of delivering WhatsUp Gold Professional Services.   We are technically accredited by Ipswitch and have 10+ years of technical expertise with this product.


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Choose the official 2-day WhatsUp Gold course or a bespoke option.   Take a comprehensive look at the basics of getting up to speed understanding and configuring WhatsUp Gold for your business and getting the best value from the tool.  

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