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WhatsUp Gold
for Network Traffic Analysis

Provides detailed and actionable data on which users, applications, and protocols are consuming bandwidth.   Define and enforce bandwidth utilisation policies to maximize your return on ISP costs and assure adequate bandwidth for critical business needs.

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Monitor Network Traffic and Bandwidth Usage

WhatsUp Gold makes it easy to get detailed visibility into your network traffic to see which users, applications, and protocols are consuming bandwidth.  This insight allows you to setup bandwidth usage policies, maximize your return on ISP costs and ensure adequate bandwidth for critical business applications and services. Here's how the Network Traffic Analysis module can help:

Network Traffic Visibility

Having insight to application bandwidth consumption allows you to better manage the performance of your overall infrastructure, applications and services.  You can identify bottlenecks and plan effective workarounds or justify a needed bandwidth upgrade.

Bandwidth Capacity Planning

Being able to see historical bandwidth usage trends allows you to stay ahead of capacity planning.  Having the visibility to which applications are driving consumption allows you to demonstrate effective bandwidth management and more easily justify upgrades.

Faster Troubleshooting

Knowing what traffic was consuming bandwidth during a slow-down can really accelerate your troubleshooting.  It helps you identify bottleneck issues like bandwidth hogs running where and when they shouldn't be.  Finding these quickly can make you a network superhero.


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WhatsUp Gold Professional Services

Armstrong is one of only a few UK based Ipswitch partners capable of delivering WhatsUp Gold Professional Services.   We are technically accredited by Ipswitch and have 10+ years of technical expertise with this product.


WhatsUp Gold Training

Choose the official 2-day WhatsUp Gold course or a bespoke option.   Take a comprehensive look at the basics of getting up to speed understanding and configuring WhatsUp Gold for your business and getting the best value from the tool.  

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