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MOVEit Cloud for Automotive

MOVEit allows automotive manufacturers, automotive component manufacturers & suppliers and automotive retailers to exchange information

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The Benefits of MOVEit for Automotive Organizations

Increased Productivity: improved workflows through greater transparency and faster response capability Ease of Compliance Reporting: for regulations & standards such as GDPR, PCI and SOX Reduced Risk of Data Loss: increased visibility, control, security & auditability of your data transfers

Why Automotive Organizations Use MOVEit

For sending data files that contain sensitive commercial or personal information such as: Purchase orders Big data e.g.  design images & videos Billing and payment data Contracts Manufacturing machinery files

Leads the Industry in Security

Encryption of data at rest and in transit FIPS 140-2 and AES-256 validated cryptography Allows automotive organisations to focus on sending business-critical data

Supports Compliance and Reporting

Enables your GDPR readiness Helps maintain compliance with internal and external SLAs Reduces the effort & time spent preparing for compliance audits

Can be Deployed in High Availability Mode

System-wide high availability with Active-Active failover Cloud version guarantees 99.9% uptime Provides business continuity & disaster recovery assurance

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