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Encrypts with transfer protocols to transfer data with automation, analytics and failover.

Ipswitch MOVEit provides security features to meet specific requirements called out in Articles 5, 24, 25, 28, 32 and 39 including: Encrypting personal data in transit and at rest, Non-repudiation to validate that personal data is transferred only between authorised senders and receivers, Integration with Data Loss Prevention and Anti-virus solutions, Browser and Microsoft Outlook integration to ensure desktop clients are using an IT authorised secure data transfer solution Perimeter security to keep unencrypted personal data out of the DMZ, and centralised, fine grained access control to safeguard user credentials, permissions and personal data.


NetWrix Auditor

Provides complete IT Infrastructure visibility (who changed what, when and where and who has access)

Achieving regulatory compliance can involve many different things, from ensuring the physical security of the servers that contain sensitive data to reporting breaches promptly. Because these requirements are so broad, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to find GDPR software or a data management solution that will address all possible compliance requirements. Therefore, when choosing a GDPR solution, you need to understand which GDPR requirements it can address and how it matches your needs. Netwrix Auditor provides enterprise-wide visibility into on-premises and cloud-based systems and applications to help you establish proper information security controls and validate that those controls are aligned with the GDPR data privacy regulation.

GFI Software

Kerio Control

A unified threat management firewall that features intrusion prevention & content filtering.

GDPR is a comprehensive legislation which covers various aspects of data protection. Using a combination of technologies and solutions will help your company better comply with GDPR and avoid unneccessary fines. Kerio Control aids GDPR compliance with the provision of a secure network perimeter with comprehensive protection securing data in multiple ways (secure connections for data transfer (VPN), intrusion protection, application filtering and control, gateway antivirus, and more). Kerio Control also provides detailed and custom reporting for compliance and alerts of suspicious behavior on the network.

GFI Software

GFI LanGuard

On-premise network security and patch management solution for small, midsize and large businesse.

GFI LanGuard aids GDPR compliance by identifying vulnerabilities and ensuring all assets within the network have all security patches in place. GFI LanGuard also provides centralized analysis and auditing with detailed reporting to evaluate the level of protection on the network.

GFI Software

GFI Archiver

Archives emails, files and calendar entries

GFI Archiver boosts the ability to meet GDPR compliance standards by archiving all correspondence in a secure, tamper-proof store for a pre-determined period of time.

Quest Software


Real-time IT auditing, in-depth forensics and comprehensive security monitoring.

Change Auditor contributes to GDPR compliance by the provision of complete, realtime change auditing, in-depth forensics and comprehensive reporting on all key configuration, user and administrator changes.

Paessler AG

PRTG Network Monitor

Monitor your whole IT infrastructure

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation came into being in May 2018. As a result, companies are subject to completely new data security and processing requirements. The combination of data protection and network monitoring, i.e. EgoSecure and PRTG, helps you implement numerous provisions of the GDPR.

Capa Systems


Focusing on end user performance monitoring to see where end users have issues.

Many companies have given their HR, legal or finance department overall responsibility for preparing for the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and gaining a good understanding of its implications. Let PerformanceGuard give you the overview that empowers the IT Department to help.


Access Rights Manager

Access Rights Management (ARM) solution for Microsoft and virtual server environments.

SolarWinds Access Rights Manager (ARM) has been designed to help IT and Security admins to quickly analyse user authorisations and access permission to Active Directory, Exchange, and file servers and help them protect their organizations from the risks of data loss and data breaches.


FastTrack to GDPR Readiness

FastTrack to GDPR readiness includes a workshop event.


GDPR Data Access Control Review