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Electronic mail (email or e-mail) is a method of exchanging messages ("mail") between people using electronic devices. Email .operates across computer networks, which today is primarily the Internet. Today's email systems are based on a store-and-forward model. Email servers accept, forward, deliver, and store messages. Neither the users nor their computers are required to be online simultaneously; they need to connect only briefly, typically to a mail server or a webmail interface, for as long as it takes to send or receive messages.

GFI Software

Kerio Connect

Enterprise-class Email, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, Chat, and More

The award-winning messaging and collaboration solution, Kerio Connect, meets the needs of small and mid-sized business. It offers unmatched deployment flexibility and broad mobile device support. Business users enjoy support for their favorite email client and Kerio Connect Client via their favorite web browser.

Kerio Connect is stable -- so you can focus on your business rather than unexpected downtime and recovery. Deployment and administration are simple by design. With low licensing, service and hardware costs, Kerio Connect delivers measurable business value over other offerings.

Kerio Connect and Email Solutions

GFI Kerio Connect - Affordable email solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Email, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, Chat, and more.


Exclaimer Signature Manager Exchange Edition

Exclaimer Signature Manager is the easy way to design and deploy Signatures across your organization without ever leaving your desk.

Exclaimer Signature Manager Exchange Edition and Email Solutions

Exclaimer Signature Manager Exchange Edition is a Exchange signature management solution designed for centrally adding professional email signatures to all emails.

GFI Software

GFI Unlimited

GFI Unlimited unlocks an entire catalog. Access a comprehensive - and always growing - suite of network security and communications solutions including GFI LanGuard, GFI MailEssentials, GFI Archiver, Kerio Control, Kerio Connect and many more.

GFI Unlimited and Email Solutions

Cloud based email management platform for Exchange. Advanced spam and malware filtering, email archiving and continuity services for business.

GFI Software

GFI MailEssentials

Protects your email network against email-borne viruses and other malware threats using advanced email filtering technologies and up to five antivirus scanning engines.

GFI MailEssentials and Email Solutions

GFI MailEssentials provides anti-spam and email security for your mail servers