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Network Traffic Analysis Solutions

In computer networks, network traffic measurement is the process of measuring the amount and type of traffic on a particular network. This is especially important with regard to effective bandwidth management. Various software tools are available to measure network traffic. Some tools measure traffic by sniffing and others use SNMP, WMI or other local agents to measure bandwidth use on individual machines and routers.

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Products and Services


WhatsUp Gold

A network monitoring solution that covers you from the network edge to the cloud.

Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold makes it easy to get detailed visibility into your network traffic to see which users, applications, and protocols are consuming bandwidth. This insight allows you to setup bandwidth usage policies, maximize your return on ISP costs and ensure adequate bandwidth for critical business applications and services.

Capa Systems


Focusing on end user performance monitoring to see where end users have issues.

CapaSystems PerformanceGuard PerformanceGuard lets you get continuous measurements of latency between end-user computers and core components in your infrastructure. Knowing the network latency is key to successful troubleshooting.