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NetWrix Auditor

Provides complete IT Infrastructure visibility (who changed what, when and where and who has access)

Netwrix Auditor for SharePoint delivers security intelligence about what’s going on in your SharePoint environment. See who has access to what and track changes to farm configuration, groups, permissions and user content, as well as document reads, to mitigate the risk of data leaks, maintain SharePoint availability and streamline IT compliance.

Quest Software


Real-time IT auditing, in-depth forensics and comprehensive security monitoring.

Change Auditor for SharePoint enables faster, easier and more secure SharePoint.


Access Rights Manager

Access Rights Management (ARM) solution for Microsoft and virtual server environments.

SolarWinds Access Rights Manager SharePoint access monitoring and management. Display SharePoint permissions in a tree structure and quickly see who is authorised to access a given SharePoint resource. Using the scan comparison report, you can find out who has made changes to permissions and what they were.

GFI Software

Exinda Network Orchestrator

Ensure your most important applications perform without having to buy more capacity.

Improve SharePoint performance with Exinda Network Orchestrator.

Quest Software

Security Explorer

Simplifies the management of NTFS file and folder security, file shares, services, printer access.

Use a single console to manage access controls, permissions and security across your various Microsoft platforms, including Active Directory (AD), Windows Server, Exchange Server, SharePoint Server and SQL Server with Quest® Security Explorer®.