Unleash the Power of Active Directory

A comprehensive solution for the management, administration and monitoring of Active Directory.   It enables you to automate and secure user provisioning and de-provisioning in Active Directory environments.   With its granularly distributed role-based security, administrative tasks automation, approval-based workflow and enterprise standards enforcement rules.


Rule-Based Automation

Adaxes features a rule-based platform for Active Directory, Exchange and Office 365 automation, provides an enhanced web-based management environment, gives you a role-based access control model for delegating privileges, adds security with approval-based workflow, allows enforcing corporate data standards and much more.

Automated User Provisioning

With Adaxes all user lifecycle management procedures can be fully automated, including provisioning, re-provisioning and deprovisioning in Active Directory and connected systems, such as Exchange, Office 365 and Skype for Business.

Active Directory Web Interface

Adaxes Web Interface allows managing Active Directory from any device via a standard web browser. It provides a clean and intuitive UI for admins, help desk and other staff to execute their AD administration tasks and a self-service portal for regular users. The Web Interface is fully customizable, so everyone always gets access to the exact views, forms and operations they need – no more, no less.

User Self-Service

Adaxes Web Interface can act as a self-service portal for regular users. You can granularly specify, which operations they have access to, like updating their personal info, changing their own password, searching Active Directory, managing own group membership, updating Office 365 licenses, etc.

Password Self-Service

Adaxes Password Self-Service eliminates the problem of resetting forgotten passwords and unlocking accounts. It allows users to do it by themselves after they verify their identity by providing an SMS code and/or answering security questions. It also works offsite and offline, covering users who forget their password while working from home or on business trips.

Offsite and Offline Password Self-Service

Adaxes Self-Password Reset also works for users who are offsite or offline. Normally, when they forget their password while working away from company’s premises, e.g. from home or on a business trip, the only way to log in again is to come back to the corporate network, even if help desk did reset their password in AD. But with Adaxes they can go through a standard password-reset procedure, as if they were on-prem, with no VPN required.

Exchange Automation and Management

Adaxes automates Exchange mailbox management both on-premises and in Office 365. For example, after creating a new user account in Active Directory, Adaxes can automatically create an Exchange mailbox for the user. The database distribution of mailboxes can be done based on the first letter of the users’ surname, least number of mailboxes in the DB, the round-robin method, etc. Adaxes can then configure the mailbox, e.g. modify storage quotas or enable mailbox features like Unified Messaging or Archiving.

Office 365 Automation and Management

Adaxes allows you to automate the process of assigning and revoking of Office 365 licenses using condition-based rules. It also enables you to manually configure Exchange Online mailboxes and manage O365 licenses via the same Web Interface you use for Active Directory tasks.

Automated Provisioning for Skype for Business

As a part of automated provisioning procedures, Adaxes allows you to enable new users for Skype for Business and assign the required policies to them. Also, when users are terminated, Adaxes can automatically disable their accounts for Skype for Business along with other offboarding operations.

Role-Based Delegation

Adaxes introduces Role-Based Access Control for Active Directory, Exchange and Office 365. In a role-based delegation model, instead of assigning permissions to users, they are assigned to roles that correspond to actual job functions.

Approval-Based Workflow

Adaxes allows you to add an approval step to practically any operation in Active Directory, Exchange and Office 365. For example, you can delegate user creation to HR, but after they fill in the form and click Create, Adaxes can suspend the operation and only proceed once a member of IT staff reviews and approves it

Data Standards Enforcement

Adaxes allows enforcing corporate data standards in your Active Directory environment. It enables you to put format restrictions on certain properties of AD objects. For example, you can make the Employee ID to always have two capital letters and five digits. To make sure that fields like Description are never left empty, you can mark them as required.

Logging of User Actions

All operations performed via Adaxes are logged, so you can always see, who did what when and from which host. The logs are presented in a human-readable format with convenient filters, making it easy to view them and find any specific operations.

Active Directory Reports

Adaxes provides detailed reports on your Active Directory environment. In addition to the 200+ built-in ones Adaxes gives you a powerful platform to create your own custom reports of any complexity. It supports centralized scheduling and also allows users to schedule the reports of their choice for themselves.

PowerShell Module for Active Directory

Adaxes comes with its own PowerShell module, which allows managing Active Directory from the command line.

Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance

Adaxes provides load balancing capabilities by leveraging multiple Adaxes services and distributing the load across them.

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