GFI MailEssentials

Anti-spam and email security for mail servers

What is GFI MailEssentials?

Protects your email network against email-borne viruses and other malware threats using advanced email filtering technologies and up to five antivirus scanning engines.

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Up to four anti-virus engines

GFI MailEssentials ships with the powerful Avira and BitDefender Antivirus engines, offering advanced technology stack that provides strong email protection against viruses and other malware with minimal impact on system performance.

However for even greater business email protection you can also add in the Kaspersky and Cyren antivirus engines for the ultimate protection.  This enables you to take advantage of the strengths of each engine.  Antivirus engine vendors have different response times to new viruses and malware.  This capability ensures your system can always detect new threats in the shortest possible time.

Advanced malware protection

GFI MailEssentials features advanced malware protection that enables IT admins to secure their email infrastructure from the new breed of malware that creates different variants of itself to avoid detection.

This is done via our scanning engines that can connect to a cloud service whenever it finds unknown executable attachments.  These attachments are thoroughly scanned through the intelligent Kaspersky cloud engine to determine if the attachment is malicious or not.

An arsenal of anti-spam filters

GFI MailEssentials features a variety of anti-spam technologies designed to put your mind at rest and make life difficult for spammers.

SPF blocks spoofed emails.  Greylisting blocks emails sent with non RFC compliant techniques used by spammers.  Directory harvest protection blocks emails sent using random and exhaustive email address-generation techniques.  And DNS blacklists utilize a wealth of information gathered from distributed community data collection techniques to fend off botnet spamming.

Furthermore spam razor determines if an email is spam utilizing email reputation, bulk email detection, spamming technique detection and extensive content analysis, while Bayesian filtering uses a mathematical approach based on spam and ham (legitimate email).

GFI MailEssentials also includes a 'Language Detection' plugin, that detects and blocks spam in specific languages.  Combining these technologies yields a spam detection rate of more than 99 percent.

Make email safe and productive…simply

GFI MailEssentials is compatible with different email servers, not just Exchange.  It fits seamlessly into your current setup—whether on-premise, virtual, or hosted in your cloud infrastructure.  IT admins are in full control of their email security.

You can also extend control to users.  Provide reports and ongoing access to quarantined emails to enable them to release what they want to receive.  They can also customize their own black and whitelists.

Web-based console with integrated reporting

You can handle all your anti-spam and email security functionality including spam and malware quarantine, as well as reporting from a single web-based console.  The console includes the dashboard that gives you a graphic view in real time of the software status as well as the email flow on the server.

Information shown on the dashboard includes: Status of key GFI MailEssentials services, email flow statistics, blocked spam and malware, as well as email processing results that can be filtered by sender, recipient, subject and more.

The web-based console includes integrated reporting capabilities that enable you to quickly customize and generate reports on the emails being sent and received by your organization.