Heimdal Application Control

Revolutionary Application Control Tool.  App Whitelisting and Blacklisting Made Simple.

What is Heimdal Application Control?

Application management solution for whitelisting and blocking of running applications.  Customise live sessions, log everything on the go, and prevent users from running malicious software.

Prevent any unauthorised application execution.

Effortless IT management.

  Multiple ways to allow or block apps

App Control allows users to allow or block application execution in more than one way: file path, publisher, certificate, vendor name, software name, MD5, and more.  The choice is yours.

  Automatic approval or denial flow

Accelerate your application approval or denial flow for system files with default ruling.  Create or modify flows for individual users or AD groups.

  Dual Modes Operation

Layers upon layers of granularity.  Application Control operates in both active and passive mode.  Take control of your user’s session or sit back, and let App Control weave its magic.