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Two Factor Authentication & Access Management for Windows Active Directory

UserLock helps administrators to manage and secure access for every user, without obstructing employees or frustrating IT.

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Control and protect Windows Active Directory User LogonsRestrict Active Directory User Logon By Workstation, Device or IP Address

Using the contextual information around a user’s logon, UserLock will authorize, deny or limit how a user can access the network, once authenticated.  Manage and control all logon and logon attempts to your Windows AD domain.

Restrict Active Directory User Logon By Workstation, Device or IP Address

Restrict and limit on where any Active Directory user may logon.  UserLock can control access to certain geographies, particular workstations (PC and Mac), employee-owned devices, departments or IP addresses.  Outside of these controls access is automatically denied.

Restrict Active Directory User Logon hours & Force Logoff

Enforce logon hour restrictions, maximum session length and time quotas for all Active Directory users.  Go beyond native controls and set by group, on different session types and force logoff when outside of authorized timeframes.

Active Directory Logon Restrictions For Interactive, Wi-Fi, VPN and IIS Sessions

Whether access originates on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, from within or outside the office, UserLock can protect and manage Active Directory user logins across all different session types.

Limit concurrent logins in Active Directory Across a Windows Server Based Network

Limit the number of initial access points and concurrent sessions to control or prevent simultaneous logins from a single user.  Set restrictions by user, group, organizational unit and session type.  Ensure all access is attributed to an individual user.

Monitor and Track Active Directory Logon and Logoff

UserLock offers real-time visibility and insight into all users’ logon and logoff activity across an entire Windows Server Active Directory network.  Detect and immediately respond to suspicious access at a glance.

Alert and Respond To Active Directory Logon Events

Get real-time alerts on specific connection events and instantly react to suspicious access behavior.  Choose to also alert end-users on potential compromised or stolen credentials.

Alert and Respond To Active Directory Logon Events


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