Netwrix GroupID

Simplify and secure Active Directory, Entra ID and MS365 through automated Group Management

What is Netwrix GroupID?

Netwrix GroupID simplifies identity and access management by providing automated group, user and entitlement management capabilities.

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Set Group Ownership in AD and Azure AD

Ensure that every group has an owner by implementing stringent checks.  Out-of-the-box, Netwrix supports additional and temporary owners.  Similarly, owners of Active Directory and Azure AD must periodically verify group membership and attributes.

Sync HR & AD Systems

Sync bi-directional data from HR systems, including SQL and Oracle, to AD within minutes, updating user attributes; then update group membership based on the updated attributes.

Easy Onboarding and Offboarding

With up-to-the-moment provisioning and deprovisioning of employee accounts, eliminate time-consuming tasks and get new employees productive fast.

Workflows That Work

Verify and approve access requests before they are committed to the directory using built-in or custom-defined workflows.

Complete Group Lifecycle Solution

It is not uncommon for users to create unnecessary or expired groups when delegating group creation to them.  We call this group glut.  With Netwrix, you can control the creation, use, expiration, and deletion of groups, plugging a security hole that bad actors often exploit.

Access Attestation

In any organization, outdated entitlements pose a security risk.  With GroupID by Netwrix, employees are enforced to validate their identity details in the directory using Profile Validation.  The integrity of the directory is maintained by deleting outdated accounts.