Patch Management

What is Patch Management?

Patch management solutions are software tools or platforms that help organisations manage the process of deploying, testing, and monitoring software updates, also known as patches. These solutions are designed to automate and streamline the process of patch management, ensuring that all devices and systems are up-to-date with the latest software patches and security updates.

Patch management solutions typically provide a range of features and capabilities, such as automated patch discovery, patch deployment, patch testing, vulnerability assessment, and reporting and analytics. They are used to manage patches across a wide range of software applications, operating systems, and devices, including servers, workstations, laptops, and mobile devices.

Patch management solutions are essential for organisations that need to maintain the security and integrity of their network infrastructure. By automating and streamlining the process of patch management, these solutions can help organisations reduce the risk of security breaches, improve compliance with regulatory requirements, and minimise downtime caused by software vulnerabilities.

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