Data Classification

What is Data Classification?

Data classification solutions are software platforms that enable organisations to categorise their data based on its sensitivity, value, and regulatory requirements. Data classification is an essential component of data security and privacy, helping organisations identify and protect their most critical and sensitive data.

These solutions typically provide a range of features and capabilities, such as automated classification, user-defined classification rules, data discovery, and reporting and analytics. They are designed to classify data based on a range of criteria, such as data type, location, ownership, and access controls.

Data classification solutions are essential for organisations that need to comply with industry regulations and data privacy laws, such as GDPR and CCPA, and to protect their data against external threats and insider threats. By identifying and categorising their data, organisations can implement appropriate security controls, such as access controls, encryption, and monitoring, to protect their sensitive data from unauthorised access, disclosure, and theft.

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Netwrix Data Classification Overview

Netwrix Data Classification is a software platform that helps you solve your most critical data security, content optimisation and compliance needs, regardless of where your data is located.