Network Performance Monitoring (NPM)

What is Network Performance Monitoring?

Network performance monitoring (NPM) is the process of monitoring and managing the performance of a network infrastructure to ensure that it is performing optimally and meeting the needs of users and the business. These solutions provide real-time insights into the network's performance by collecting and analysing network traffic, monitoring network devices such as routers, switches, and firewalls, and providing metrics on bandwidth utilisation, latency, and packet loss.

NPM solutions enable network administrators to quickly identify and resolve issues that can impact network performance, such as network congestion, bottlenecks, and connectivity issues. NPM can also help organisations plan for future network capacity requirements and optimise network configurations to improve performance.

These solutions are critical for ensuring that network-dependent applications and services perform as expected and are available to users when they need them. Monitoring network performance and proactively identifying and resolving issues helps organisations maintain a high level of network reliability and availability.

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