Email Archiving

What is Email Archiving?

Email archiving is the process of preserving and storing email messages and attachments in a secure and easily accessible manner. Email archiving solutions capture, index, and store all email messages and attachments sent and received by an organization, allowing for quick retrieval of email records for legal, regulatory, or business purposes.

Email archiving solutions provide a centralized repository for email records, which can help organizations meet compliance requirements, such as the retention and retrieval of email records for legal or regulatory purposes. Email archiving can also help organizations improve their data management practices, reduce storage costs, and improve email server performance.

Email archiving solutions typically include features such as advanced search and retrieval capabilities, legal hold functionality, and retention policies to ensure that email records are retained for the required period and can be easily located when needed. By archiving email records, organizations can ensure that their email communications are securely stored and easily accessible when required.

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