Network Traffic Monitoring

What is Network Traffic Monitoring?

Network traffic monitoring is the process of capturing, analyzing, and evaluating network traffic data to gain insight into network activity and identify potential security threats or performance issues. Network traffic monitoring tools typically capture network data at various points within the network, such as at routers, switches, or firewalls, and analyze the data to provide information about the network's performance, usage patterns, and potential security threats.

Network traffic monitoring provides visibility into the types of traffic flowing through the network, such as web traffic, email traffic, and file transfers, and can help identify unusual or unauthorized traffic that may indicate a security breach. It can also identify patterns of traffic that may indicate a performance issue, such as bandwidth congestion or network latency.

Network traffic monitoring is essential for maintaining the security and performance of a network infrastructure. By providing real-time visibility into network activity, network traffic monitoring enables network administrators to quickly identify and respond to potential threats or issues before they can cause damage to the network or impact the user experience.

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