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Session Manager

Ensure real-time oversight of critical resources

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Session Manager provides real-time monitoring of all privileged users’ access and sessions to prevent and to detect malicious activity.


Privileged account management and access governance

Super-administrators have direct access to accounts using native clients (PuTTY, WinSCP, OpenSSH).  They can embed various connection rules using context-relevant configurations and access validation workflows.

Real-time view of privileged user activity

Security teams can easily view and monitor all application, RDP, and SSH sessions.  The session manager can also alert security teams of suspicious activity and remotely terminate sessions by utilizing advanced features like: whitelisting/blacklisting, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), “4-Eyes” supervision mode, widget event reports, keyboard input flow analysis, and more.

Report and audit

Increase the accountability of all privileged account actions by tracking connections, generating statistical activity reports and audit logs, reviewing recorded user sessions, generating scripts, and gathering session metadata.

Behavioral analysis and business intelligence

Utilise the session manager to quickly detect suspicious behavior in an effort to identify and prevent malicious activities.  You can integrate this information into a variety of security information and event management (SIEM) systems for automatic decision making and/or alert reporting.  Our session manager integrates with a variety of SIEM systems including QRadar, Splunk, LogPoint, etc.


Easily integrate with console scriptings, web applications, and heavy clients (Salesforce, Sage, Fortinet, McAfee …).

Password vault

Secure passwords and SSH keys in a certified vault (encryption algorithm AES 256) and utilize our open architecture to integrate with other vaults.


Meet compliance requirements


Maintain control over all sessions

with the ability to automatically or remotely shutdown suspicious sessions.

Accelerate incident analysis

and increase IT systems resilience.

Scale the session manager

with the rest of the Bastion’s modules or with third-party privileged access management (PAM) systems.

Rapid deployment

into existing environments to optimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Maintain team productivity and organizational processes

with transparent integrations that don’t impact operations.

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