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Netwrix provides a unified platform for monitoring what is going on across both data storages and backbone systems.  This visibility enables our customers to understand where sensitive data is located, what the risks around it are and what activity is threatening its security.

Netwrix Auditor Active Directory

Active Directory

Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory delivers security intelligence about what’s going on in Active Directory and Group Policy.  Audit Active Directory changes and logons to mitigate the risk of privilege abuse, prove IT compliance and streamline troubleshooting.

Azure AD

Azure Active Directory Auditing and Reporting Get actionable audit data about all changes and logons in your Azure Active Directory.  Netwrix Auditor for Azure AD enables you to quickly detect and investigate incidents that threaten your cloud security or could cause downtime.

Netwrix Auditor for Office 365

Office 365

Netwrix Auditor for Office 365 delivers complete visibility into the hosted Exchange component of Microsoft Office 365, helping you mitigate Office 365 security risks.  The application tracks and reports on administrative changes made to your Exchange Online organization.


Netwrix Auditor for Exchange delivers complete visibility into your Microsoft Exchange infrastructure by monitoring all changes made to Exchange server configuration, Exchange databases, mailboxes, mailbox delegation, and permissions, including changes to public folder permissions.


Netwrix Auditor for SharePoint delivers security intelligence about what’s going on in your SharePoint environment.  See who has access to what and track changes to farm configuration, groups, permissions and user content, as well as document reads, to mitigate the risk of data leaks.

Nutanix Files

Nutanix Files

Windows File Servers

Netwrix Auditor for Windows File Servers delivers complete visibility into everything happening on your file servers.  It provides actionable audit data about all changes made to files, folders, shares and permissions; reports on both successful and failed access attempts.


Netwrix Auditor for NetApp provides complete visibility into everything going on in your file storage.  The application delivers granular audit data with deep insights into changes to files, folders, shares and permissions, and it reports on both successful and failed access attempts.

Dell EMC

Netwrix Auditor for EMC audits EMC Isilon, VNX, VNXe and Celerra storage devices to help enterprises strengthen data security, streamline compliance and increase operational efficiency.  It enables complete visibility into storage environment by tracking all changes to files, folders, shares and per.

Netwrix Auditor Module for Oracle Database

Oracle Database

Netwrix Auditor for Oracle Database complete visibility into changes and access in Oracle Database

SQL Server

Netwrix Auditor for SQL Server delivers complete visibility into your Microsoft SQL environment by tracking and reporting on changes made to SQL Server objects and permissions, including server instances, roles, databases, tables, stored procedures and more.  

Windows Server

Windows Server

Netwrix Auditor for Windows Server delivers complete visibility into Windows-based server infrastructures.  It detects and reports on all changes made to server configuration hardware and software, services, applications, network settings, registry settings, DNS, and more.

Network Devices

Netwrix Auditor for Network Devices delivers complete visibility into Cisco and Fortinet device configuration changes, and both successful and failed attempts to log on to switches, routers and firewalls.


Netwrix Auditor for VMware delivers complete visibility into changes on VMware vSphere and its components, including standalone ESXi hosts.  Perform regular VMware audits to harden security, prove IT compliance and optimize operations.

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