Netwrix Enterprise Auditor


What is Netwrix Enterprise Auditor?

StealthAudit is a reporting and Governance solution that automates the collection and analysis of the data stored across on-premises and cloud based platforms including Operating Systems, Directories, File Systems, Databases, M365, Cloud and more.

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Take control of your IT assets with Netwrix StealthAUDIT reporting and access governance

Identify sensitive data wherever it resides

Discover sensitive and regulated data, whether structured or unstructured, on premises or in the cloud, and allow data owners to verify the data's sensitivity.

Pinpoint gaps in your security posture

Prevent sensitive and regulated data from being misused by spotting conditions like excessive user permissions, disabled accounts and externally shared files.

See who is accessing sensitive data

Ensure that permissions are restricted to the least-privilege level by monitoring who is accessing what data and to what extent, and revoking permissions when they are not needed.

Remediate threats before you suffer a breach

Automate the removal of excessive permissions, the deletion of unnecessary accounts, and the disabling of rogue user accounts to shut down threats.  Simulate a change first, then execute it in a single click to avoid business disruptions.

Delegate access management to data owners

Identify and empower the owners of sensitive data to regularly review permissions and fix issues as they arise.  Reduce the workload of the IT team by allowing business users to request access from data owners.

Satisfy data subject access requests (DSARs)

With complete visibility into each individual's data, you can respond accurately and promptly to DSARS.

Provide reports for auditors with far less effort

Provide auditors with hard proof of your control over access to regulated data with easy-to-digest reports.

Automate governance processes across key systems

Automate the deprovisioning of AD accounts upon employee termination, cleaning up stale file system data, delegation of Exchange mailboxes, and creating ServiceNow tickets to reduce IT team workload.

Extend data governance across your IT ecosystem

Utilize powerful REST APIs to share data between your technology investments and home-grown systems with Netwrix StealthAUDIT.  The AnyData connector can be used to scan any data source for sensitive information.