Web Transfer Module

Simple, Secure, and Flexible Browser-Based File Transfer

The Web Transfer Module – a Web-based module for WS_FTP Server and WS_FTP Server with SSH – makes it easy for users to transfer files between their computer and WS_FTP Server using a standard Web browser.  With this add-on, employees and external business partners can connect to company networks and securely share files, data, and other critical business information.

File transfer just got a whole lot easier

WS FTP Server Web Transfer module simplifies the process of moving and sharing files.  No more having to deal with the inefficiencies and security concerns related to email and instant messaging, or the need to manually install, manage, and maintain file transfer software on end users desktops.  The Web Transfer module gives users a simple file transfer interface that works on any browser and operating system, so authorised people can securely upload or download files, or even create and delete folders on the remote server.

Simple administration

WS FTP Server Web Transfer module also delivers centralised web administration and deployment.  To implement, WS FTP Server administrators simply enable Web access on the WS FTP Server administration console and all user settings, such as password rules, file/folder permissions, disk quotas, and more, are all automatically enforced.  And because the Web Transfer module runs within the Web browser without any software to install, end users simply enter the URL or save it and access it as a browser favorite.

The industry’s most secure data-transfer solution

WS FTP Server Web Transfer module offers the same leading security you’ve come to expect from WS FTP Server.  Files are transferred over the encrypted HTTPS protocol, which completely protects files as they are being sent from an end user’s computer and the company server.  Server administrators define who is authorised to connect to WS FTP Server with the WS FTP Server Web Transfer module.  All of their account settings and permissions on WS FTP Server are applied so the user can access their account, files, folders, and virtual folders just as if they connected with traditional desktop FTP or SSH client software.

Risk-free, flexible file transfer

WS FTP Server Web Transfer module runs on the server and can be accessed by end users via today’s top browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.  Not only does this mean you won’t have desktop software to install, update, and maintain, but you won’t have to train employees on new software.  And with an unlimited-licensing structure, there is no maximum to the number of people that can use the WS FTP Server Web Transfer module.


Easy to Use

Provides users with a simple file transfer interface that works on any browser and operating system


End-users connect to WS FTP Server from any Internet connection over HTTP/S protocol

Transfer Files

Easily upload/download files and create/delete folders on the remote server

Centralised Administration & Deployment

Administrators simply enable Web access on the WS FTP Server console, and all user settings (such as password rules, file/folder permissions and disk quotas) are automatically enforced

No software to install

There is no download required and there is absolutely nothing to install on end-user computers.  Authorised people simply use their browser to connect their computer to WS FTP Server and transfer files



Simple way for organisations to allow employees and external business partner to connect to company networks and share information securely


Administrators define who is authorised to connect to WS FTP Server with the web transfer module


Securely transfer files over encrypted HTTPS protocol

Flexible Deployment

Administrators can install the module on the same server as WS FTP Server or in a distributed manner on a different server

Unlimited End Users

No limit on the number of web client users

Use any Browser and OS

Compatible with IE, Chrome, Firefox & Safari.  Runs on Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac browsers.

The Web Transfer module is available in the WS_FTP Server Premium Edition.