Email Server

What is Email Server?

An email server, also known as a mail server, is a computer program that enables the sending, receiving, and storage of email messages. An email server functions as the core component of an email system, providing the infrastructure required for email communications.

Email servers are typically used by organizations and businesses to manage their email communications, but they can also be used by individuals for personal email. Email servers use a variety of protocols, such as SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), POP (Post Office Protocol), and IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol), to facilitate the sending and receiving of email messages.

Email servers can be hosted on-premises, meaning they are installed and run on a server within an organization's own data centre or office, or they can be hosted in the cloud, where they are managed and maintained by a third-party service provider.

Overall, email servers play a critical role in modern communication, enabling individuals and organizations to communicate quickly and efficiently via email.

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