Netwrix Auditor for Exchange


Netwrix Auditor for Exchange simplifies Exchange auditing across on-premises and cloud-based environments and provides actionable audit data, all in one place.  See who has access to what, monitor non-owner mailbox access events, and track Exchange configuration and permission changes, so you can prevent data breaches, prove IT compliance and ensure ongoing availability of email services.

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Visibility into access permissions

Empowers you to quickly find out which users and groups have access to what in your Exchange Online and see exactly how permissions were granted, so you can create a more manageable and secure cloud environment.

Comprehensive change auditing

Simplifies Microsoft Exchange auditing by delivering detailed, actionable information about each change, including when it occurred, who made it, exactly what was changed, and the current and previous values.

Non-owner mailbox access monitoring

Reports to IT staff and mailbox owners about non-owner mailbox access events.  You can see who accessed which mailbox, when and from which IP address the access occurred, and what messages or other items were viewed, edited or deleted.

Near real-time alerts on critical activity

Notifies you about suspicious activity, such as modifications of access rights to sensitive data, critical configuration changes or unauthorised actions performed on a CEO’s mailbox by delegates.

Easy-to-read audit reports and overview dashboards

Supplies audit data to anyone who needs it in a human-readable format.  Predefined reports and dashboards are easy to customize using built-in filtering and sorting.  Export and subscription options simplify Exchange reporting routines.

Streamlined compliance reporting

Makes it easy to prove you have proper Exchange security controls in place by providing out-of-the-box reports mapped to specific regulatory compliance standards, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, FISMA/NIST, CJIS and GDPR.

Interactive Google-like search

Enables you to quickly sort through Exchange Online and Exchange Server audit data and fine-tune your search criteria until you find the information you need.  Easily save your searches as custom reports that you can run on demand or have delivered to you on schedule.

User Behavior and Blind Spot Analysis reports

Simplifies Exchange auditing by detecting hidden threats that might endanger the security of or stability of email operations, such as suspicious activity outside of business hours or unusual non-owner mailbox logon attempts.

Automated incident response

Enables you to automate response to common and anticipated incidents, like password resets or mailbox lockouts, by embedding scripts in alerts.  Ensure prompt and accurate response while staying focused on your other important tasks.

Behavior anomaly discovery

Identifies high-risk users by aggregating their anomalous activity across your on-premises and cloud-based Exchange, as well as other critical systems like Active Directory, SharePoint and SharePoint Online.  Spot identity theft, privilege escalation and other threat.

User profile information

Speeds investigations and helps you ensure individual accountability by presenting key details about user accounts involved in an incident, all in a single place.

Non-intrusive architecture

Audits your on-premises, cloud-based and hybrid Exchange environments without using agents, so the auditing process never degrades system performance or causes downtime.

Audit your most important IT systems from a centralised platform!

Juggling multiple auditing and reporting tools in an attempt to collect audit information from all your on-premises and cloud-based systems is very time consuming.  You need a software solution that delivers that information in a unified and consistent way.  Netwrix Auditor provides a consolidated audit trail across numerous IT systems, including Active Directory, Windows Server, Oracle Database and network devices.

Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory

Complete visibility into what's going on in your Active Directory and Group Policy

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Netwrix Auditor for Azure Active Directory

Complete visibility into what’s going on in Microsoft Azure AD

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Netwrix Auditor for Office 365

Complete visibility into what’s going on in your SharePoint Online and Exchange Online environments

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Netwrix Auditor for Exchange

Complete visibility into what’s happening in your on-premises Exchange and Exchange Online systems

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Netwrix Auditor for SharePoint

Netwrix Auditor for Nutanix Files

Netwrix Auditor for Windows File Servers

Complete visibility into changes, data access and data usage on file servers

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Netwrix Auditor for NetApp

Complete visibility into changes, data access and data usage on file servers

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Netwrix Auditor for Dell EMC

Complete visibility into changes, data access and data usage on Dell EMC storage devices

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Netwrix Auditor for Oracle Database

Complete visibility into changes and access in Oracle Database

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Netwrix Auditor for SQL Server

Complete visibility into what's happening inside your Microsoft SQL Server

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Netwrix Auditor for Windows Server

Netwrix Auditor for Windows Server delivers complete visibility into Windows-based server infrastructures.  It detects and reports on all changes made to server configuration hardware and software, services, applications, network settings, registry settings, DNS, and more.

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Netwrix Auditor for Network Devices

Netwrix Auditor for Network Devices delivers complete visibility into Cisco and Fortinet device configuration changes, and both successful and failed attempts to log on to switches, routers and firewalls.

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Netwrix Auditor for VMware

Netwrix Auditor for VMware delivers complete visibility into changes on VMware vSphere and its components, including standalone ESXi hosts.  Perform regular VMware audits to harden security, prove IT compliance and optimise operations.

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