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NetWrix Auditor

Detect security threats, prove compliance and increase IT team efficiency

Netwrix Auditor for NetApp provides complete visibility into everything going on in your file storage.  The application delivers granular audit data with deep insights into changes to files, folders, shares and permissions, and it reports on both successful and failed access attempts.

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File analysis reports

Provides actionable details on data ownership; reports on data usage and data volumes; and identifies stale and duplicate files.

Complete visibility into every change

Delivers human-readable information on who changed what and when and where each change was made in NetApp filers.

Deep insights on access permissions and access attempts

Delivers detailed reports on attempts (both failed and successful) to modify or access files, helping ensure data security on NetApp storage.

Clear audit reports and dashboards

Supplies predefined, customizable reports and dashboards with data in a human-readable format.  E-mail subscription and export options ensure data is available to anyone who needs it.

Agentless mode of operation

Doesn’t get in the way of system processes and performance, ensuring the seamless flow of operations.

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